Catharsis. The word “catharsis” originates from the Greek language and means to cleanse or purge” TWO OF MY FAVORITE WORDS! In this case, we are talking about cleansing and purging your brain! A brain dump! A way to release the endless thoughts, ideas, tasks, etc., etc.. Without writing it down and releasing, we literally cause unnecessary stress for ourselves. The solution? The Accents Reign™ Discbound Notebook Planner.

I wanted a notebook planner, in the Jr/A5 (the international standard 1/2 letter size) that not only matched my Accents Reign™ Queen’s Bag, but allowed me to fully customize to my liking and needs. I adore the disc bound unique binding system, which uses a disc binding punch. The disc binding punch, which replaces your traditional hole punch, can be found at any office supply store or online. The A5 size is ideal because it’s lightweight and portable and fits perfectly into the Accents Reign™ Queen’s Bag. Disc bound notebooks to make it easy to add and remove pages or move sections and fold flat onto itself. As for loading my notebook, personally, I like to print my daily and monthly pages from my Macbook’s Calendar. This is software that came with my computer, as it does for most computers today. Also, you can download free printables – available all over the web or purchase printables inexpensively on sites like Etsy or Pinterest, in the A5 size. Then, embellish your planner! Not with permanent stickers or marker drawings, but with a moveable, interchangeable embellishment. The hard poly cover of The Accents Reign™ Discbound Notebook Planner is durable enough to support an Accents Reign® embellishment. When I added the embellishment, the interior button magnet turned the inside front cover into a much-needed bulletin board! The incredibly strong earth magnet holds business cards, photos, coupons, receipts, various correspondence, and other loose items securely in place. WOW! Talk about multifunctional! Incorporating items for your home or for your life which are multifunctional is a pillar of the Home with Alexandra® brand philosophy! Shop for your Accents Reign™ Discbound Notebook Planner, as well as the Queen’s Bag and Accents Reign® Embellishments at

The following ladies explain the importance of writing down thoughts, goals, and dreams far better than I ever could.

“Writing things down is an easy yet effective way to be productive and deal with day-to-day overwhelm. Follow in the steps of today’s industry giants and reap the benefits of having visible reminders, clear thought processes, emotional stability, and even a grateful heart simply by using an old-fashioned pen and paper. ” Shares Tet, of

“With the ongoing battle in the world of digital toys — iPads, iPhones, tablets, Kindles — we are becoming increasingly dependent on devices that can crash, delete, and malfunction. This impermanence is one of the leading reasons many people are returning to paper to keep track of contacts, schedule events, and document important areas of their lives. Simply search on Instagram and you will find thousands of posts and pictures detailing the love and dedication that goes into these simple books. Paper planners are growing in popularity and these physical outlets allow us to maintain structure and order in our busy lives.” shares Jocelynn Kelley,

“There are plenty of successful people who just keep a notebook in their pockets so they can write things down. Whether it’s jotting down new ideas or re-thinking old ones, thinking on paper allows you to think better. While you’re writing things down, all your attention is there. You cannot be writing things down and also be thinking about the next weekend, or the presentation you need to give tomorrow. While you’re writing things down, you’re fully engaged. It allows you to think better, to think much more clearly, to refine your ideas, and to organize them in a meaningful way.” shares Kosio Angelov of

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