Accessible Yet Glamorous: Affordable Luxury in Fashion

Luxury fashion has long been a way to establish status and make a statement. Name brand clothing and accessories carry a sense of prestige and elegance that many women aspire to attain. But as time goes on, more and more women are moving away from traditional high-priced luxury brands and opting for more affordable luxury items. The affordable luxury sector’s “mix of just-high-enough prices and accessible-yet-glamorous design” is extremely appealing to consumers who love to shop but don’t want to break the bank.

Accents Reign™, a “boutique shop offering fashion accessories, high-quality handbags, embellishments, and more at unbeatable prices,” is one great example of affordable luxury in the fashion industry. Below, learn more about why this more accessible but highly stylish market is booming. You’ll also want to check out our tips on how to select the best affordable accessories!

The Rise of Affordable Luxury in the Fashion Industry

Today’s consumers’ mindsets are changing. As Harper’s Bazaar explains, “They want to invest in pieces that have longevity, are timeless and have a beautiful quality.” Thus, the fashion industry has seen a huge boom in multifunctional, affordable items and brands, while fast fashion is gradually declining. Fast fashion is often trendy and high-priced but sacrifices quality, and only stays in style for a season or two.

On the other hand, affordable luxury brands focus on creating high-quality, versatile products that will remain fashionable for years to come. Former designer-only shoppers are given a unique opportunity when they purchase affordable luxury clothing and accessories; “these are clothes that will stand the test of time and offer the best of both worlds, by being as attainable as they are desirable.”

How to Choose the Best Affordable Luxury Accessories

As more and more affordable luxury brands pop up in the marketplace, it can be difficult to identify the products that are of the best quality and also weigh in at your ideal price point. Many women opt to spend more on basic wardrobe staples while following the trends with affordable accessories, such as handbags and jewelry. Take a look at our tips below to help you determine whether a product is truly worth the purchase!

Make sure it’s versatile

Generally, you’ll want to ask yourself three questions. First, does it mesh with multiple color palettes? Next, is it dressy enough to coordinate with your work attire? And finally, is it relaxed enough to relate to your casual outfits? If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, the accessory will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Go for items that are multifunctional

Queen’s Bag – daytime use
Queen’s Bag – night time use

Take the Accents Reign™ Queen’s bag, for example. It can be used as an everyday handbag, a laptop case, a travel tote, and so much more. Items with multiple uses are always a great buy.

Prioritize comfort

Monarch Bag

If you’re looking to buy jewelry, you’ll always want to take a look at what material it’s made of to ensure it won’t irritate your skin or quickly tarnish. When it comes to handbags, make sure they are comfortable to carry! Handbags that have both a hand loop and shoulder strap, such as the Accents Reign™ Queen’s Bag and Monarch Bag, add a level of convenience and versatility that’s worth investing in.

Easy maintenance is key

When purchasing accessories, it’s smart to select items that are easy to clean and take care of. If you’re looking at a handbag, choose one that can be quickly and easily cleaned. Accents Reign™ handbags are a great example–just wipe them down with mild soap and water. The same concept applies with jewelry; it’s simpler to choose items that you can clean yourself instead of having to take them to a professional.

It’s absolutely true that the middle ground is a lucrative one! As the affordable luxury market continues to grow, more and more high-quality, reasonably priced products will be available. By pairing versatile basic pieces with affordable accessories, it’s more possible than ever before to keep up with the trends while staying on budget!


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