We’ve all had the experience of thinking our outfit looks amazing, only to look back at photos and realize it was more of a fashion disaster. This week, we’re going to talk about the most common fashion mistakes and how you can avoid them. Check out our style suggestions below to take your ensembles to a whole new level!

Fashion mistake #1: Wearing horizontal patterns

While stripes and patterns can be lots of fun, they also create an illusion that makes you appear much heavier and wider than you actually are when they’re laid out horizontally. They can actually add several inches to your appearance!

Style Suggestion: worry, you definitely don’t have to avoid stripes altogether! Swap your horizontal stripes for vertical ones, which will give you a slimmer, more streamlined look. Vertical zippers and necklines that dip downward rather than sitting in a horizontal line across your chest (such as a boat neck top or dress) will make you look tall and slender.

Fashion mistake #2: Buying clothing that isn’t the right size

We’re all guilty of buying something a couple sizes too small, thinking that one day we’ll fit into it. Or we might go the other way, purchasing a size larger than we usually would if there’s a must-have item that’s out of stock in our size. But ill-fitting clothing just isn’t as flattering as items that are made for your size and body type.

Style Suggestion: Nearly every brand’s sizes differ slightly, so always make sure to try on clothing before you buy it! Even if you almost always fit into a medium, it’s worth the extra couple of minutes to verify that it’s truly the right size for you. Don’t put too much stock into the sizes you buy–it’s much more important to pay attention to how the clothing fits and flatters your shape!

Fashion mistake #3: Over-accessorizing

When you have tons of cute jewelry and accessories, it can be extremely tempting to throw it all on at once to show off the gorgeous pieces in your collection. But adding too many accessories can take away from the overall impact of your outfit.

Style Suggestion: Try to select up to three coordinating accessories that don’t overwhelm your ensemble. This way you can showcase both your outfit and your beautiful jewelry or handbag without taking the attention away from any aspect of your look. Make an effort to rotate your accessories so that you wear all of them over time, rather than pairing the same pieces with every outfit.

Fashion mistake #4: Sticking to one color

If you know you look awesome in black (and love that it’s a slimming shade), it can be hard to branch out and try new styles. But only wearing one color is boring! If your closet is only filled with clothing in your go-to shade, it’s hard to make a fashion statement.

Style Suggestion: When you go shopping, try not to go in with any preconceived notions. Take anything that catches your eye into the dressing room, even if it’s something you typically wouldn’t wear. There’s no harm in trying things on, and you’re sure to find some new pieces in different colors that you absolutely love! You can also ask a salesperson to suggest pieces that they think would suit you. Getting another person’s objective opinion can be extremely helpful if you’re stuck in the one-color mindset!

Fashion mistake #5: Buying pieces you’ll only wear

There’s really no reason to purchase pieces that you only intend to wear for one evening or event. Not only is it a waste of space in your closet, but your money could have gone towards a piece that you’ll turn to again and again!

Style Suggestion: There’s nothing wrong with purchasing pieces with the intention of wearing them for a specific event, but it’s also important to consider whether they’re versatile, multifunctional pieces! You’ll get the best value from items that you can get multiple wears out of, pairing them with different accessories to create a variety of unique looks.

Fashion mistake #6: Following every trend

Trends come and go so quickly in the fashion industry that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of them–and it can also be very expensive! Plus, not every trend is meant for everyone. While a certain cut or dress length may look great on one person, it’s not going to fit every single person the same way.

Style Suggestion: Interpret trends to fit your own style and body type! Think creatively, and you’re sure to be able to find ways to wear the current trends that flatter your sense of style. Additionally, don’t feel pressured to keep up with every single trend! You can be fashionable without wearing whatever celebrities have decided is trendy that week.



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