11 Stylish Handbag Styles, Shapes, and Textures for Fall 2020

Autumn is just around the corner! As leaves change color, temperatures drop, and the season changes, it’s time to trade out your summer handbags for new fall fashions. This fall has a lot in store as far as trending options for your favorite accessory. From box purses to quilted bags to vintage coin purses and extra-large totes, these 11 Fall 2020 handbag styles are sure to give you inspiration.

1. Structured Top Handle

Shoulder strap bags and crossbody purses are two trends being replaced with a new style: the structured top handle bag. These handbags are a larger version of the pocketbook trend that can function both as a handbag and a briefcase because of their sturdy and reliable structure. If you’re not into dainty designs and want to make a statement, a structured top handle bag is a great choice.

2. Hard Shell/Box

Another structured option, the hard shell or box purse, is now trending. There are dozens of unique hard-case styles in every color you can think of, as well as true statement pieces such as a completely clear box purse. For some contrast, you’ll want to pair your hard shell purse with a feminine outfit.

3. Padded Faux Leather

Coming in a variety of sizes from micro-purses to oversized totes, the padded faux leather handbag is quickly gaining traction as one of the biggest Fall 2020 handbag styles. Plus, you’ll love the extra-plush, soft feel of these fashionable bags.

4. Quilted

Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy quilt as temperatures drop in the fall? Now, leather designs with seams that resemble comfortable quilts are all the rage for the upcoming season. Available in various sizes and colors, this Fall 2020 handbag trend is perfect for anyone and everyone. The gorgeous quilted Monarch Bag here at Accents Reign is a wonderful option if you’re a fan of this style.

5. Thick Chain Links

If you want a handbag that can be both elegant and edgy, pick one with a chain strap! The metal accent can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit for a one-of-a-kind ensemble, and this fall, it’s the chunkier the chain, the better! But you don’t have to stick with gold–choose a white chain for eye-catching contrast, or a bright color if you’re looking for a truly striking accessory.

6. Croc-Embossed

Croc-embossed handbags have been in style for awhile now, but they’re here to stay as one of the top Fall 2020 handbag trends! Bags embossed with a crocodile skin pattern give a dangerous, yet luxurious feel. You don’t have to stick with the classic color scheme, though; try out some bold colors like daffodil or crimson!

7. XL Totes

Go big or go home! An extra-large tote is the perfect carryall for any girl on the go. We love multifunctional accessories here at Accents Reign, and an XL tote absolutely fits the bill! Fit everything you need and more into this bag; you’ll never have to worry about picking and choosing items to keep in your purse!

8. Vintage Coin Purses

Keep your change easily accessible with a stylish vintage coin purse. Not only are they back in style, they’ve become a totally modern trend. These small purses are essentially miniature totes that close with a magnet or kiss-clasp at the top. Dainty and aesthetically pleasing, you can store your vintage coin purse inside any of the other trending handbags.

9. Geometric Shapes

Reminiscent of high school geometry class but with a chic and trendsetting twist, handbags in geometric shapes were all over the runways this season. If you’re trying to choose between the Fall 2020 handbag styles, a geometric shape is a fun and functional selection. From simple circles to trapezoids, hexagons, triangles, and many more, you have plenty of options when you go the geometric route.

10. Fuzzy

As autumn approaches, we often trade in our summer attire for cozier items. This fall, your coat won’t be the only thing keeping you warm! With a fuzzy purse in traditional brown or beige coloring, or even a bag made with jewel-toned shearling, your look will be sleek and contemporary.

11. Micro

We can all agree that micro bags are adorable, and perfect for storing your cash and keys when you’re on the go! These hand-held gems may be tiny, but as a fashionable accessory, they’re hard to miss! Another attribute? If you don’t want to carry your micro bag, you can easily blur the line between purse and jewelry by attaching it to your belt or wearing it like a necklace.

There’s certainly no shortage of Fall 2020 handbag styles! This season truly provides an option for everyone, whether your style is dainty and delicate or bold and eye-catching. Pick your favorite out of these Fall 2020 handbag trends, and you’ll be sure to catch the eye of everyone you walk by with your sleek and stylish accessory.


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